0-1: Sebastián Villa gives the victory to Boca in La Paz

The Mouth
Juniors Argentina took all three points from La Paz with a goal from Colombian striker Sebastián Villa to beat a 1-0 The
strongest who did not know how to be respected in his debut at home in the Cup

Villa became the hero of Miguel Russo’s team with an early goal scored in the 7th minute on this first day of the Libertadores group stage played at the Hernando Siles stadium in La Paz, the Bolivian fort located more than 3,600 meters above the sea level.

With this result, the Argentine team is second in group C, led by goal difference by the Ecuadorian Barcelona, ​​while the team of Bolivian Alberto Illanes is third without points and in fourth place is the Brazilian Santos, who fell in the eve by 0-2 at home.

Ramiro Vaca (The Strongest) tries to snatch a ball from Julio Buffarini

The Colombian forward of the ‘xeneize’ opened the scoring in the 7th minute in a play that was born on the visiting side of the pitch.

After receiving a pass from Agustín Almendra, Villa began a race towards the goal guarded by the experienced Daniel Vaca and scored after outwitting two ‘tabby’ defenders.

The intensity of the game dropped after that score, with Boca a bit more cautious and relaxed, although without giving up the intention of scoring again and a The Strongest who could not find the way to equalize despite the efforts of Brazilian Willie Barboza.

An increasingly desperate Tiger

Shortly after starting the second half, Villa returned to the attack, putting at least a couple of scares to the locals with attempts to expand the account for Russo’s, which made the ‘tabby’ captain, Vaca, call the Attention to his companions for allowing the visitor advance and putting his bow at risk.

In vain were the few local attempts to at least achieve equality, while the visitors played comfortably and were able to take their time against an increasingly desperate Tigre.

In the final minutes, Illanes made several changes that probably would have been more timely before, as Rudy Cardozo’s entry was favorable for the locals, although his luck was already cast.

On the second day of group C, the Argentine squad will host Santos in Buenos Aires on April 27 and the Bolivians will visit Barcelona in Guayaquil a day later.