0-0: Olimpia and Internacional leave everything open

Olympia from Paraguay and International tied 0-0 this Thursday in the first leg of the round of 16 Cup Libertadores, in a match that was plagued with scoring opportunities by both teams and in which two Uruguayan technicians met: Sergio Órteman for the Asuncenos and Daniel Aguirre for those of Porto Alegre.

The tonic of what was the meeting, opened in the ninety minutes, had International as its first baton, which in half an hour won with Caio Vidal as a catalyst. Vidal gave two serious warnings in that period, with goal shots answered with category stops by goalkeeper Alfredo Aguilar.

Órteman’s team had moments of trouble, which has not played in competition since the Apertura ended in May. However, the Dean asserted himself in the last quarter with a team game in which Jorge Recalde and Derlis González combined in attack, very well connected with Iván Torres.

Internacional seemed a bit broken to make Olimpia grow, who could have scored minutes from the end of the first half with a whiplash from his scorer, Isidro Pitta, which forced goalkeeper Daniel to give an exhibition.

The superiority at the beginning of the second was clear from the locals, thrown up and about to make the first before Daniel’s doubts, who was saved by defender Yuri Alberto by clearing a ball that slipped after Antolín Alcaraz’s header, who for His impeccable defense work was the figure of the Ace of Cups.

The risk of the backlash was staged by Patrick, who was close to releasing Aguirre’s group.

The score was maintained with a give and take that anticipated the goal for any of the contenders, for example Olimpia, who had it in 55 in the boots of ‘Pollo’ Recalde, meters from a Daniel who stood out in the clearest of the premises in that strip.

Recalde, with discomfort, gave way to veteran Roque Santa Cruz, who was doubtful due to a long injury, and joined a game that was open.

In fact, in the 71st Victor Salazar wasted a great personal move by González, on the counterattack, which served him at will for the Argentine defender to shoot out brushing the post, with Daniel beaten. However, Internacional was connected with the energy of Patrick, the king of the pipe and source of danger in those final minutes.

Draw and the ball at the home of the Brazilians, who were not at the level of the two duels with Olimpia in the group stage, the overwhelming 6-1 in the first leg and 0-1 in the second leg. Good refereeing by Uruguayan Esteban Ostojich, who whistled the final of the Copa América.