0-0: La Guaira takes a valuable draw against Cerro Porteño

La Guaira won this Wednesday a valuable draw in Assumption (0-0) before Cerro Porteño, that despite the fact that he could not overcome the lock that the Venezuelans implanted, he obtained a point that places him at the head of Group H of the Libertadores with the Athletic Mineiro.

And it is that the Brazilians won 2-1 on Tuesday against an América from Cali that the previous week lost at home to Cerro Porteño (0-2).

However, the Venezuelans played an intelligent and effective strategy game with which they added two points after the previous draw in Caracas with those from Belo Horizonte (1-1).

The team led by Daniel Farías first raised a wall that, reinforced by goalkeeper Olses Quijada, bounced the balls from a Cerro Porteño who was in control at all times, but with few plays of real danger.

The second half was full of attacks by the Cyclone, whose coach, Francisco Arce, chose to bring in striker Roberto Morales instead of Argentine Mauro Boselli, who was little inspired in the first.

In that period, several scoring occasions could have tipped the balance on the local side, who found a Quijada who recovered a security that he did not have in the previous 45 minutes.

However, Cerro Porteño lacked precision, without greasing and under the protection of individualities that were blurred.

The young Fernando Ovelar (17 years old), who entered the second half, had the clearest in the 71st of a left-footed shot that brushed the stick of Quijada.

Claudio Aquino, Cerro’s other offensive asset, had the goal in his boots also in that half, with the Venezuelans completely locked in.

It was, with less intensity, a repetition of the first part, in which Cerro went out to the “Cyclone”, breaking the lines of the Venezuelans and always looking for the execution in the Boselli arc, very marked by the rival defense, but neither had his day.

A shot from Aquino, at 35, from outside the area in the first intervention by Olses Quijada, was the highlight of the initial phase.

Also like in the second, the goal of Cerro Porteño, the Brazilian Jean Fernandes, barely wore his gloves.

Farías’ team was harmless in the counterattack, despite the avenues in their favor created by the advancement of Cerro Porteño lines.

However, the push of Darwin González, the most active of the visitors, came to alarm the Cyclone, which despaired before an impenetrable padlock called La Guaira.